The 1000th edition of Superman has been released – and it’s changed a huge part of the mythos

The 1000th edition of Action Comics has been released starring Superman
DC Comics

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The 1000th Superman edition from Action Comics has arrived, and with it comes an interesting twist to the long established mythos of the character.

Spoiler alert, if you wish to read the edition of yourselves, there’s a huge spoiler that’s revealed here.

The 1000th edition of Action comics was released on April 18th, which was also the Man of Steel’s 80th birthday, marking 80 years since he made his first appearance in Action Comics #1 in 1938.

An anthology series according to DC, issue #1000 features unique stories by a bunch of past writers and artists that have worked on Superman in the past.

Superman is of course, one of the most popular icons in history and has become the first American mainstream comic to reach 1,000 issues, according to ABC’s wday reported.

If you’ve been anticipating the release, be warned that there is a twist at the very end of the series.

Video Games news website IGN reported that the 1000th issue gives away the start of writer Brain Bendis’ upcoming spin on the Superman story.

The story starts with Superman and Supergirl combating a new foe, an alien named Rogol Zaar. Eventually he reveals the huge twist: it was not a natural disaster that had destroyed Krypton, rather it was he himself that did it.

Krypton, the original home of Superman, and its destruction has always been attributed to natural causes, so for the reason behind it’s demise to be completely changed comes as a new revelation in Superman history.

It has been 80 years since the Kryptonian was introduced to the world, and in that time the character has starred in films, TV shows, video games and much more.

The reaction to the anthology has been mixed with some fans expressing their delight towards Superman’s 1,000th issue…




… and others who were were not impressed with Bendis’ new story.