Inside this container is Southeast Asia’s first 24-hour smart gym and everything about it is fully automated

The Gym Pod is a 24-hour automated gym.
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Overcrowded gyms, expensive memberships and dealing with equipment-hoggers are now things of the past. Launched earlier this year, The Gym Pod is Southeast Asia’s first 24-hour smart gym and it is located at JTC Launchpad @ Ayer Rajar.

Air-conditioning and lights in the pod switch on automatically during your booked session and the air-condition will adjust to the optimal temperature. When the session ends, everything is powered down.

There is no staff on-site. Everything is done through the The Gym Pod app, which is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Users book sessions and unlock the pod on arrival with the app. It even has suggested workout routines which you can follow.

The booking system allows a maximum of three people at each time to use the gym. Each session, which lasts 30 minutes, costs S$3.50 (US$2.56). Users are also offered the option to purchase 24, 72 or even 144-session packages at discounted prices.

In the gym, you’ll find a treadmill, dumbbells ranging from 1 kg to 20 kg, a Smith Machine for guided weight training with 1.25 kg to 20 kg plates, a 11.3kg Olympic EZ Bar, an adjustable bench, and a yoga mat.

Also, you can avoid the prying eyes of passers-by by pulling down the blinds. The gym does not have shower facilities though but warm shower facilities are just a 20-second walk away at Block 79.

There are cameras installed in the gym for security reasons; and also to ensure users take care of the equipment and do not bring additional guests in for free.