The majority of Singaporeans may enjoy haggling for a discount – but men are better at it

Singaporean men snag bigger discounts than women after haggling

It’s no secret that Singaporeans love chasing crazy deals, and according to a recent survey, the majority (55%) of Singaporeans enjoy haggling.

Discount code provider Picodi surveyed over 3,100 people from 44 countries and cultures around the world.

Interestingly, even in Singapore’s highly shopping-oriented culture, haggling was found to be more enjoyable for men (62%) than women (50%).

And it didn’t just stop there, as Singaporean men also manage to score a slightly better discount than women on average.


This finding came contrary to popular belief, as Singaporeans feel that haggling was in fact much easier for women (47%) than for men (18%).

Globally, women (18%) fared a little better than men (17%).

On average, Singaporeans typically score an 18% discount, which is pretty mediocre when compared to countries like the UAE (26%), Chile (26%) and Greece (23%).

But when they did score discounts, it’s usually on taxi rides (14%), house repairs (14%) and cleaning services (12%).

Also, about a third of Singaporeans believe that a person’s physical attractiveness greatly affects price negotiations.


So if you’re looking to score a discount, you may want to be “dressed to kill”.