The majority of working adults in Singapore spent less than 10 days on a single holiday in 2017 – here’s why

You may be on holiday but your mind’s at work.

It’s no secret that Singaporeans love to travel but when they do get to leave the country, it’s usually for short trips that don’t end up being gratifying.

And the main culprit for that is: Work.

A study conducted by British Airways between Dec 20, 2017, and Jan 4 this year found that nine in 10 (91%) of respondents usually go abroad for less than two weeks with 27% opting for a holiday that lasts not more than five days.

Singaporeans (38%) are more reluctant to take longer breaks than folks in Malaysia (32%) and Hong Kong (33%).

Some 2,000 Singaporeans were polled for the study which also found that half the respondents spend an average of five to nine days on holiday abroad, 43% felt they did not have a long enough break and 65% wished they had more time on holiday.

In fact, 64% of Singaporeans said their longest holiday in 2017 lasted less than 10 days.

Pretty sad isn’t it?

Singaporeans just can’t seem to take their minds off work with 48% of respondents citing a piling workload as a main concern when planning how long to go on a trip.

Meanwhile, 37% said they’re just not able to get the time off and even while on holiday, 65% say they spend their time thinking about work.

Their struggle to balance work and time off doesn’t end there – there’s a spillover once the holiday’s over too.

Some 72% noted that they had not properly “switched-off” after their returned to work and 22% admitted that they came back dreading their return to work.

What Singaporeans seem to do well is to plan more of these short trips, with respondents saying they take four trips a year on average.

The Japanese take about eight trips a year, Indians take seven trips, while those in Hong Kong and Malaysia take about three trips annually.

Singaporeans also don’t have qualms with re-visiting their favourite destination with 80% admitting that they’ve been back to the same holiday spot more than once, and up to six times on average.