The manufacturer of Himalaya Salt Sports Candy is warning against counterfeits – here’s how to tell if you’ve bought a fake

Malaysian manufacturer Big Foot warned consumers against buying counterfeit versions of its Himalaya Salt Sports Candy through a Facebook post.
Facebook / BIG FOOT Malaysia

Buying candy may not seem like a very grave task, but as one popular Malaysian brand has shown, it can be a lot more serious than expected.

In a Facebook post on Saturday (June 8), Malaysian manufacturer Big Foot highlighted and warned consumers against buying counterfeit versions of its popular Himalaya Salt Sports Candy.

The candy, which is made in Malaysia, is sold in both Malaysia and Singapore via both online and offline stores.

According to Big Foot, there are four ways to tell a real product from the phoney version:

1. Font type

Both products list the benefits of the candy on the bottom of the sweet packet, but in different fonts. The words on the counterfeit product are also slightly skewed.

Facebook / BIG FOOT Malaysia

2. Line Spacing

At the back of the packet, the genuine product does not have any gaps between the words “Delfi Marketing Sdn Bhd” and its address. In comparison, the counterfeit product has a gap between the same name and address.

Facebook / BIG FOOT Malaysia

3. Manufacture vs Manufacturer

According to Big Foot, the genuine product sports the words: “Manufacture in Malaysia By”. Its imitation, however, says: “Manufacturer in Malaysia By”.

Facebook / BIG FOOT Malaysia

4. Expiry date

The expiry date printed on the display box of the genuine product is bolded, while the date printed on the counterfeit is not.

Facebook / BIG FOOT Malaysia

One netizen commented on Big Foot’s post, claiming to have received counterfeits from e-commerce site Lazada. Big Foot advised the customer to contact Lazada for a refund.

Facebook / BIG FOOT Malaysia

And if you thought it was okay to consume the counterfeit candy as long as it tastes similar to the genuine one, consider yourself warned: these imitation goods do not go through quality control and do not have ingredients that are verified safe for consumption, Big Foot added.

Facebook / BIG FOOT Malaysia

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