The new Nokia 3310 will be available here in October – but reactions are mixed

Remember the iconic Nokia 3310? The model that’s infamous for its (nearly) indestructible hardware and stellar battery life?

You may have heard that it’s making a comeback but word on on the street is, it’s launching here next month.

And yes, it will still have the nostalgic “snake” game we’ve spent many infuriating hours on.

After a reported three-year hiatus from Singapore, the Finnish brand will be launching the revamped version of its classic Nokia 3310 model with 3G data connection.

HMD Global, which owns exclusive rights to the Nokia brand, confirmed in a statement on Thursday (Sep 28) that the phone will be available from October at all major authorised retailers.

The Nokia 3310 3G will be available in four distinctive colours – Yellow, Red, Azure Blue and Charcoal – all with a matte finish and silver keypads.

Supplied/ HMD Global

Expected to cost below S$100 ($73), specs for the phone include up to six hours of talk-time and an impressive 27 days of standby time with a single SIM card.

Additionally, the phone will have a customisable user interface that lets users change icon colours and positions, an ergonomical design for a better in-hand experience and more spacing between the buttons, according to the HMD statement.

If you’re wondering how the camera compares to the iPhone 7, it’s not great.

Then again, the phone is legendary for its durability, not for being a technological marvel.

But here’s a spoiler: it has nothing on the old Nokia 3310.

So far, public reaction in Singapore seemed to be mixed, judging from the comments sections of a Facebook post shared by the The Straits Times.

Some seem fairly excited about the prospect of owning the old-school phone.

Or buying it for their younger/older family members.

Others, not so much.

Either way, at least we know it’s one tough piece of technology to destroy.