The newest bubble tea to hit Singapore comes next to boiling mala soup – and yes, you can add wagyu slices to it

There’s a new bubble tea in town – but it’s not what you might expect. The “messy tea” flavour is pictured above, right next to Spice World’s spicy bear, which dissolves to make a mala soup.
Spice World Hot Pot

The bubble tea trend has been escalating in Singapore in recent years, with queues for some shops reaching more than an hour long last year.

But who would’ve expected a hotpot chain to jump on the bandwagon as well?

A hotpot restaurant in Singapore’s Clarke Quay has just added two flavours of bubble tea to its menu – but they don’t come served in cups.

Instead, Spice World Hot Pot’s asam-based “zhang zhang cha” (messy tea) and matcha bubble teas are served in a pot, right next to the mala (a spicy Chinese sauce made of Sichuan peppercorn) soup.

The matcha version of the bubble tea hotpot at Spice World.
Business Insider Singapore/Jessica Lin

In case you are wondering, the bubble teas do not contain any tapioca pearls. They do, however, come with a few popping pearls, some meat floss and chocolate or matcha powder, all on a thick bed of sweet milk foam.

After laying the pot down, a server will hand diners two bubble tea straws each. You can then decide whether or not to sip the tea straight from the pot by connecting the two straws to make a long one.

After this, a server will scoop out the milk foam and its toppings to serve in bowls.

Soup stock is then added to the mala pot, where a spicy bear sits, and the bubbling begins. The spicy bear is one of the Chinese chain restaurant’s signature items, and it dissolves to form the mala soup once the stock is added and heated up.

Once you’ve got both broths bubbling, you can then add your choice of ingredients, including the restaurant’s famous “Premium Barbie Wagyu Beef” (S$38.90) and red tilapia from The Mermaid (S$18.90), a new item on the menu.

At this restaurant, the wagyu beef slices come draped over a doll.
Spice World Hot Pot

And so do the fish slices.
Spice World Hot Pot

The bubble tea sets (S$39.90) also come with a platter of milk tea toppings such as Oreos, yam, pumpkin, sweet potato, colourful jelly, radish and mini cubes of beef.

Spice World

While it all sounds kind of weird, Spice World says the bubble tea hotpot is being permanently added to its menu after a two-month trial proved to be a hit with local diners.

Judging by the bubble tea craze that’s hit Singapore in recent years, we can’t say we’re all that surprised.

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