People are going nuts for this bagel that looks like a rainbow and tastes like cereal

Flickr/Alan Turkus

I discovered The Bagel Store‘s Rainbow Bagels a couple of days ago on Snapchat. In a 10-second video, reality-TV star Jonathan Cheban – Kim Kardashian’s best friend – emptied a bag of the colorful creations onto a table and stared at them as if they were the bagel equivalent of a unicorn. And they kind of are.

They taste like cereal, they’re slathered with Funfetti-style cream cheese, and you’ll get a ton of likes if you post a photo of one on social media. Keep scrolling to learn all about the trippy-looking Brooklyn bagels that are burning up Instagram.

The Bagel Store owner and head baker, Scot Rossillo, says the Rainbow Bagel is the most popular of his 30 varieties of bagels.

His Bedford Avenue shop has a line outside the door on weekends and the Rainbow Bagels sell out the quickest.

Not only that, but Rossillo says that the process of making Rainbow Bagels is so precise that he can only make 100 bagels every five hours. For comparison, he tells me that 5,000 ordinary bagels can be cranked out in the same amount of time.

“We’re making ’em right now again,” he says over the phone. Though he won’t tell me what’s in the Rainbow Bagel, he says they have “blueberry fruity flavors” and taste like cereal.

The Rainbow Bagel’s Funfetti-style cream cheese is something special, too.

Rossillo has a technique for making his own Funfetti cake that preserves the integrity of the sprinkles so they don’t melt into the batter when cooked. The cake is crumbled and mixed into the house-made cream cheese.

The Bagel Store has been selling Rainbow Bagels for a long time, but the craze didn’t start until a couple months ago.

Rossillo thinks the sudden popularity is due to a combination of the US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, some celebrity shout-outs, and the explosion of the colorful bagels on Instagram.

“I make Brooklyn-style bagels,” he says. “I created my own starter many years ago with fresh yeast and we keep reusing the same yeast. We season the boiling water upstairs specially.”

Rossillo has been making bagels for 18 years. He grew up behind a place called Big City Bagels in Gravesend, Brooklyn, and started working there as a kid before opening his own shop, which has two locations and ships nationally.

He suggests going to his Bedford Avenue location in Williamsburg for the Rainbow Bagel, since the other shop has a limited supply.

More of his creations include the French toast bagel with Nutella cream cheese.

Chocolate chip and cannoli cream cheeses go great on a croissant-bagel hybrid called the “Cragel.”

A French toast Cragel with Nutella cream cheese.

And the BEC — a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel with extra bacon and cheese baked into the dough.