The runway at Singapore’s Changi Airport was breached… by a family of otters

A family of otters was found guilty of running around on the tarmac at Singapore’s Changi Airport yesterday morning (Nov 14).

And the video capturing their escapade became a viral hit on social media.

Facebook post by Wilson Tan

In other words, instead of getting arrested, the otter family just gained more love and fame.

Let’s just add that to the list of things that otters can get away with these days…

Luckily, they did not cause any disruptions to airport operations – and they were quickly escorted to the safety of Changi Beach by the airport’s airside safety team, reported the Straits Times.

According to Mr Jeffery Teo, who has tracked Singapore’s otters for more than five years and is a part of OtterWatch, the family’s home range is likely to stretch from Changi and Pasir Ris Park, to Coney island.

He said that the otters could have been seeking shelter from heavy rain, as the canals were probably full due to Tuesday morning’s thundery showers.

OtterWatch is a volunteer group set up in conjunction with several agencies, including NParks, PUB and Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

While spotting a family of otters on an airport tarmac is a rare occurrence, Singapore is known to be home to a number of otter families.

These critters have found many fans in Singapore. During an otter-spotting event organised by the Nature Society (Singapore) in September, some 20 enthusiasts followed Singapore’s famous Bishan family of otters as they scampered and swam around Marina South Pier, and then up towards Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay.