35 of the most absurd texts people have gotten from their parents


Parents have a tendency to embarrass us, and one place they really shine is in text messages.

From corny jokes to just completely misreading everything, texting with parents can be an annoyance and a joy. And luckily there’s an Instagram account that takes submissions of the best – worst – texts from parents.

The Instagram was started by Elan Gale, the “Bachelor” producer who also runs the “Texts from your ex” and “Tinder Nightmares” accounts. While we can’t confirm that 100% of these are real, they certainly capture something about how silly parents can be.

If you have your own great examples, you can submit them here.

But without further ado, here are 35 of the most absurd texts people have gotten from their parents:

Please call, it’s urgent.


“That face thing.”

It’s the phone’s fault, really.


Yes, I know, but I don’t want to walk over.

Code word: Taco Bell.

She’s taken a hostage.

She just misses you!

The definition of a “dad joke.”

Thanks for your cooperation.

As efficient as possible.

Just being honest.

Called out.

But why?

Very considerate.

Grammar might get lost in translation.


Not to scare you, but …

So much setup for that joke.

The important questions.

The perils of shared accounts.

Not sure that is biologically accurate.

Context, please.

Prove it.

Ice cold.

You should have responded.

Big, big loser.

Just one of those Drake days.

Yes, that is the name I was looking for.

Well, I mean, define “eat.”

Certainly not on purpose.


We’re going to need a tad more explanation here.

This is actually really cute.