There are 22 Singaporeans in Forbes’ 2019 Billionaires list – including the founders of Haidilao, Hotel 81 and Osim

Philip Ng, Goh Cheng Liang, Shu Ping, and Zhang Yong among the richest Singaporeans, according to Forbes’ latest Billionaires ranking.
The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Reuters

A total of 22 Singaporeans have made the annual Forbes’ 2019 Billionaires list of the richest people in the world released on Tuesday (Mar 5).

Topping the Singapore cohort are brothers Robert and Philip Ng, aged 67 and 60 respectively, who control real estate company Far East Organization – Singapore’s largest private landlord and property developer which was founded by their father Ng Teng Fong.

With a net worth of US$12 billion (S$16 billion), up from US$10.8 billion last year, the duo clinched the 112nd spot in the overall 2019 ranking.

Behind them in 203rd place is Goh Cheng Liang, with an estimated wealth of US$7.2 billion. 91-year-old Goh owns a 39 per cent stake in Japan’s Nippon Paint Holdings.

And 21 places behind Goh is 48-year-old Zhang Yong, co-founder and chairman of Sichuan hotpot chain Haidilao. Described by Forbes as “China’s richest restaurateur”, Zhang is a Singapore citizen, and has a net worth of US$6.8 billion.

The other co-founder of Haidilao and Zhang’s wife, Shu Ping, is also a Singapore citizen, and was also listed at 1,281st spot, with a net worth of US$1.8 billion. Together, they are worth US$8.6 billion.

This is the first time that the co-founders of Haidilao made it onto the list.

The hotpot chain, which went public in September last year, now has 370 restaurants – in China, the US, Japan, South Korea and Singapore – which together generate US$10.4 billion in sales, Forbes said.

Out of the 22 Singaporeans, 13 saw their wealth increase since 2018, including Goh Cheng Liang, whose wealth increased by US$200 million; and investor Peter Lim, whose wealth rose by US$300 million.

At 100 years old, Pacific International Lines’ Chang Yun Chung remains the oldest billionaire on both the Singapore and global lists. Meanwhile, the youngest billionaire on the global list is none other than 21-year-old Kylie Jenner, who was also named the youngest self-made billionaire of all time.

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos is the richest man on Earth for the second consecutive year, with a net worth of US$131 billion, followed by Bill Gates with US$96.5 billion.

The richest person in Asia is Mukesh Ambani from India, at 13th place with a net worth of US$50 billion.

According to Forbes, a total of 2,153 billionaires made the list this year, down from 2,208 in 2018 – the first decrease since 2016.

The 22 Singaporeans on the list are:

1) Robert and Philip Ng, control real estate company Far East Organization

2019 rank: 112

Wealth: US$12 billion

2) Goh Cheng Liang, 91, 39 per cent stake in Japan’s Nippon Paint Holdings

2019 rank: 203

Wealth: US$7.2 billion

3) Zhang Yong, co-founder of Haidilao

2019 rank: 224

Wealth: US$6.8 billion

4) Wee Cho Yaw, 90, chairman emeritus of United Overseas Bank (UOB)

2019 rank: 267

Wealth: US$6.1 billion

5) Kwee brothers, owners of Pontiac Land

2019 rank: 311

Wealth: US$5.6 billion

6) Kwek Leng Beng, 78, executive chairman of Singapore’s Hong Leong Group

2019 rank: 745

Wealth: US$3 billion

7) Raj Kumar and Kishin RK, Royal Holdings/RB Capital property

2019 rank: 745

Wealth: US$2.8 billion

8) Choo Chong Ngen, 65, founder of Hotel 81

2019 rank: 877

Wealth: US$2.6 billion

9) Jason Chang, 74, chairman of Taiwan’s Advanced Semiconductor Engineering

2019 rank: 916

Wealth: US$2.5 billion

10) Peter Lim, 65, business magnate, entrepreneur, and investor

2019 rank: 916

Wealth: US$2.5 billion

11) Kuok Khoon Hong, 69, co-founder of Wilmar

2019 rank: 962

Wealth: US$2.4 billion

12) Chang Yun Chung, 100, co-founder of Pacific International Lines

2019 rank: 1,116

Wealth: US$2.1 billion

13) Sam Goi, 70, owner of Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing

2019 rank: 1,227

Wealth: US$1.9 billion

14) Shu Ping, 49, co-founder and director of Haidilao

2019 rank: 1,281

Wealth: US$1.8 billion

Tied – 15) Asok Kumar Hiranandani, 64, co-founder of the erstwhile Royal Brothers property group

2019 rank: 1,349

Wealth: US$1.7 billion

Lim Oon Kuin, 75, founder of Hin Leong Trading

2019 rank: 1,349

Wealth: US$1.7 billion

17) Zhong Sheng Jian, 61, chairman of Yanlord Land

2019 rank: 1,425

Wealth: US$1.6 billion

Tied – 18) Chua Thian Poh, 70, founder of Ho Bee Land

2019 rank: 1,511

Wealth: US$1.5 billion

Oei Hong Leong, 70, investor

2019 rank: 1,511

Wealth: US$1.5 billion

Tied – 20) Ron Sim, 60, founder of Osim International

2019 rank: 1,605

Wealth: US$1.4 billion

Zhao Tao, 53, chairman of Shandong Buchang Parmaceuticals

2019 rank: 1,605

Wealth: US$1.4 billion

22) Koh Wee Meng, 55, controls Fragrance Group

2019 rank: 1,818

Wealth: US$1.2 billion

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