There is now a Singapore district with a zero-waste masterplan – and it’s banning plastic straws and single-use items at its events

Nee Soon’s Group representation constituency Member of Parliament Louis Ng launched a zero-waste plan to reduce and eliminate waste.
Facebook / Louis Ng Kok Kwang

Singapore is well on its way to becoming a zero-waste nation.

Announced by Nee Soon’s group representation constituency (GRC) member of Parliament (MP) Louis Ng, Nee Soon East is the first district in Singapore to launch a zero-waste masterplan aimed at stopping the use of plastics and single-use items.

Ng said in his Facebook post on Saturday (April 27): “We will phase out the use of plastic bottles, straws and other single-use items at all our events and meetings.”

“We will also tackle food waste, e-waste and only use FSC paper,” he added.

The Forest Stewardship Council is a group that sets standards for forest management. It also certifies paper, typically harvested from virgin tree fibres to ensure that paper products are made in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, according to Mother Nature Network.

Nee Soon East has drawn up a zero-waste plan, which spans two years, to reduce and eliminate waste in the forms of plastic, paper, food, e-waste, and even carbon emissions.

Under the section of reducing carbon emissions, the zero-waste plan pledges to set all air-conditioners at 25 degrees Celcius and ensure that all lights and fans at Nee Soon East Community Centre (CC) and Residents’ Committees (RC) are motion sensor activated.

The plan includes sending all leftover food at Nee Soon East events to food digesters for composting, and setting up a Nee Soon East chat group on messaging app Telegram for residents to share leftover food with others.

Banners used at events will also be upcycled.

To reduce paper waste, Nee Soon East CC and its RCs will also stop printing documents for its meetings.

Recently, Nee Soon East also organised “Our Earth Our Future”, the district’s first-ever Earth Day, on Saturday (April 27), to spread awareness on adopting more responsible living habits and building a sustainable future.

Activities include a farmers’ market, a flea market and interactive craft stations.

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