This is how much hongbao money you should be giving this Chinese New Year

How much money is considered acceptable for hongbao giving?
The New Paper

As a child, I loved Chinese New Year because the hongbao (red packets) from relatives and my parents’ friends meant that I received a sudden windfall for no reason other than it’s Chinese New Year. Now that I’m married, the tables have turned and it’s my turn to be giving out hongbao!

Although red packets are meant to be given as a token of well wishes and blessings, we are often unsure how much to put in red packets.

“How much money should I be putting in the hongbao?”

I’m sure many newly married couples will face that question in the initial years. So, I’ve done a little bit of research to find out what’s the norm among Singaporeans. Hopefully, this helps us avoid embarrassing situations or nasty looks from the recipients of our red packets!

Don’t be unprepared. Here’s a guide on how much hongbao (or ang bao) you should be giving this Chinese New Year