This job-search app purportedly lets businesses find part-timers ‘within 3 hours’ by scanning a QR code

YY Hong Ye Group said the new QR code feature enables employers to fulfil impromptu temporary staffing needs even during a labour shortage.
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When businesses urgently need more hands on deck for the short term, the time-consuming process of searching for and finally acquiring part-time help can be a real conundrum.

But a “revolutionary” app launched by employment agency YY Hong Ye Group is being touted as able to provide quality part-time employment within a matter of hours without the need for tedious red tape.

On Tuesday (July 9), YY Hong Ye launched a “first-of-its-kind” QR code feature on its Part Time Jobs app, which allows businesses in the food and beverage (F&B), retail and cleaning sectors to secure on-demand staff within three hours of submitting a request.

The app was initially launched in July last year as an on-demand digital staffing platform for matchmaking between employers and part-time job seekers mainly in the F&B industry and the retail and hospitality sectors.

Over time, the agency expanded its range of part-time job openings and positions to include cleaning and housekeeping services for commercial areas such as ION Orchard and Robertson Walk.

According to YY Hong Ye Group’s managing director, Pauline Low, industry sentiments about the slowness of the recruitment process motivated the agency to push out an additional QR code feature that enables employers to fulfil impromptu temporary staffing needs – even in the midst of an industry labour shortage.

By scanning a QR code on a sticker provided by the agency, F&B business owners are able to access its database of more than 98,000 registered part-timers – nearly half (48 per cent) of whom are aged 16 to 25 – and hire those that fit the bill.

Here’s how it works

Business Insider / Jonathan Loh

Employers from F&B outlets that are looking to hire last-minute part-timers will be directed to a page that will prompt them to indicate whether they have signed a contract with YY Hong Ye Group.

Business Insider / Jonathan Loh

Registered “partners” will then be asked to key in the username and password created when they signed a partnership with the agency. After which, the partner simply fills in a job request form with specific requirements for part-timers and submits it to the agency which will provide updates.

New clients – who have not signed a contract with YY Hong Ye Group – will only need to provide the agency with their company information and what kind of staff they are looking for through the app. A sales team will then “immediately” contact and liaise with the client.

YY Hong Ye Group

Currently, the platform has 700 registered employers ranging from five-star hotels such as The Fullerton Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel to F&B companies like McDonald’s and The Coffee Connoisseur.

Employers can use the app to list job vacancies with details including time and location as well as criteria for part-time staff such as relevant skills and years of experience.

An algorithm will match the most suitable candidates to the employer and the app notifies both parties when a pairing is successful. Employers that do not receive successful matches may opt to do it manually by contacting the agency.

Maintaining quality part-timers with training and rewards

According to Low, the increased speed of finding part-time staff does not come at any cost in the quality of help hired.

To maintain a good standard of service, Low told Business Insider that YY Hong Ye Group first conducts interviews to profile its candidates, check for criminal records and understand their family background.

All potential part-timers then undergo mandatory in-house training before they can be engaged for their first job.

They may also be asked to attend courses to obtain certification in Workforce Skills Qualifications accredited by Skills Future SG to ensure that they fulfil the conditions necessary to work in the F&B industry.

In addition to the new QR code, the app now also features a rewards system to attract new and current part-timers and encourage good performance.

YY Hong Ye Group

The YY Part Time Jobs Rewards System allows registered part-timers to accumulate points based on the total earnings from jobs that have been completed. These points can be used to redeem rewards such as Apple and Dyson products.

Points are also given for daily log-in activity and news feed postings, providing incentive for jobseekers to access the platform regularly to look out for new openings.

If a part-timer receives favourable reviews from the businesses that hired them, their hourly rated pay – which is disbursed by YY Hong Ye Group and not the client company – may even be increased for future jobs to motivate them further.

Individuals interested to take on higher level jobs such as attending to VIPs at events can also choose to join YY Hong Ye Group’s team of “elite staff” by completing a 10-hour training course, which includes learning advanced service and communication skills to engage guests.

The agency said these jobs – offered typically by higher-end businesses – are reserved for the better-trained elite staff and offer notably higher hourly pay as compared to conventional job openings.

According to Low, in addition to traditional blue-collar part-time jobs, the agency is considering introducing white-collar job vacancies such as managerial roles in the future.

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