This woman’s reaction to a giant python at the Singapore Zoo was so stunning, a video of it has gone viral

In a few days, the video which was posted on Twitter has already been viewed over 5.1 million times, and retweeted nearly 118,500 times.
Twitter / _ang03

A day out at the Singapore Zoo may sound fun, but for one woman, it was a nightmare come to life.

Among all the shows held at the award-winning zoo, one in particular – “Rainforest Fights Back” – gives volunteers from the audience an opportunity to touch and take pictures with snakes.

One of the highlights of the show is when other zookeepers quietly bring out a large python while participants are busy posing with a smaller snake in their hands.

And while many Singaporean zoo-lovers have seen it before, that particular segment in the zoo’s presentation has now achieved worldwide viral fame, thanks to a tourist who stole the show with her very genuine reaction.  

In a video posted by Twitter user Angela Rodriguez on Tuesday (July 2), the show seems to be running as per normal as two participants hold a small snake while their picture is being taken.

One of the women, whom the netizen says is her co-worker’s sister, is visibly fearful of the reptile and screams when she touches the snake.

But the real surprise comes when she spots the larger snake being brought out. With a loud scream, the woman falls to the ground and rolls over a couple of times. 

She then tries to scramble to her feet but almost falls into the pool while trying to run away. Thankfully, she is quickly pulled back by the zookeeper, who was visibly stunned by the woman’s dramatic reaction.

The other zookeepers appeared to also be at a loss and shocked by the woman’s reaction to their surprise.

By the afternoon of July 5, the video had already been viewed over 5.1 million times, and retweeted nearly 118,500 times.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore, which manages Singapore Zoo, responded to the video clip on Twitter by referring to Jamie, presumably the woman in the video, and Naga the python as “internet celebrities”.

“Jamie, you were a great sport. Sorry you got startled!” it added.

And of course, the internet found the woman’s reaction absolutely hilarious.

There were also many others who empathised with Jamie, and said they would have reacted the same way to the larger snake.

The clip was also reposted on Reddit, where some Redditors praised the zookeeper who prevented the woman from falling into the water for her quick reflexes.


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