Though the craze is over, Pokemon Go just broke its highest user record — here’s why

Pokemon Go is still going strong, with the number of app users even higher than during its 2016 craze.
The Straits Times

If you thought Pokemon Go was just another fad, think again.

Research company Superdata released a report in June estimating the current Pokemon Go player base at a record 174 million, meaning it’s beat out its own 2016 numbers, when the game’s hype was at its maximum.

The app is now worth almost US$2 billion, according to Forbes.

While Superdata speculated that warm summer temperatures are making players feel like leaving the house to catch some digital critters, another reason for the app’s continued popularity is regular updates to gameplay. 

Two years and some 380 pokemon later, players can trade pokemon, go on quests, encounter legendaries, trade gifts, and do gym and raid battles together with friends.

By the end of this year, trainers can also challenge each other to battles, just like in the games, and bluetooth transfer their pokemon into two new Nintendo Switch games, “Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!” and “Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!”.