You can get a Google Nest Mini and 8 Tile trackers for $60 off the normal price

Tile and Google Nest Mini


  • Now that the Google Assistant connects with Tile’s trackers, you can ask your smart speaker to call the Tile that’s attached to the small objects you lose most often like your keys, wallet, and so on. That way, you can find them.
  • To celebrate the partnership, Tile is selling a new bundle that comes with the Google Nest Mini and an 8-pack of Tile Sticker trackers.
  • While the devices normally cost $159.99, they’re now available together for $99.99 – or a discount of $60.

Google Assistant and Tile can now play nice. The two companies have announced a partnership that sees deep integration of Tile services into Google Assistant – and as a result of that partnership, you can now get a pretty sweet deal on the Google Nest Mini and Tile Sticker 8-Pack. In fact, you can get both for $99.99, which is a hefty $60 off the normal price of $159.99.

The Google Nest Mini is the second generation of Google’s compact smart speaker, and it offers far improved audio over the original device. Using the Google Nest Mini, you can use your voice to find out information from the web, control your smart home devices, and more.

The integration with Tile takes things to the next level. Now, you can use Google to call the Tile tracker that’s attached to small objects like your keys, wallet, TV remote, and so on.

The Tile Sticker, in particular, is small and circular, and it can easily attach to the objects you lose most often. And, considering you’re getting eight of them in this pack, you’ll never lose anything again.

Get the Tile Sticker 8-Pack + Google Nest Mini from Tile, $99.99 (originally $159.99) [You save $60]