I tried nearly every hand sanitizer and this $12 hand sanitizer spray does what others can’t do — here’s why I am sold on it


I’ve always despised germs and loved hand sanitizer. In elementary and middle school, I was that girl who had colorful, scented Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer clipped to a zipper on my backpack. Unfortunately, though, everyone started growing out of Bath Bath & Body Works by the end of middle school, and I was left to find an alternative hand sanitizer.

Since then, I’ve tried just about every single type of hand sanitizer from Purell to organic hand sanitizer sprays. I disliked most of these because they smelled strongly of alcohol, were too sticky, or made my hands feel dry if I used them too often. Eventually, I settled on a crisp apple-scented, gel-based hand sanitizer from Target, but I was disheartened when they stopped selling it.

Thankfully, I was gifted a watermelon-scented Touchland Hand Sanitizer Spray, one of eight different scents including aloe vera, citrus, forest berry, lavender, mint, vanilla cinnamon, and neutral. I especially enjoyed how the liquid inside was pink, reminiscent of my beloved crisp apple hand sanitizer. This liquid-based hand sanitizer power mist spray is perfect for distributing the liquid evenly on your hands.

At $12, Touchland Hand Sanitizer is pretty expensive compared to other options, but Touchland does what regular hand sanitizer does and more. It contains 67% ethyl alcohol, its active antiseptic ingredient, but it doesn’t have a strong alcohol smell. It is also dermatologically tested, free of parabens, and not tested on animals.

With ingredients such as aloe vera to moisturize, radish root ferment filtrate to protect against bacteria, and lime essential oil, which Touchland says helps prevent signs of aging, this hand sanitizer not only disinfects but also has moisturizing properties. The formula is fast-absorbing and evaporating, so as soon as you spray it onto your hands there won’t be any sticky residue. One 1.29 ounce bottle is TSA-approved and should last for at least 500 sprays, 20 times more uses than gel-based hand sanitizers.

Touchland Hand Sanitizer was created to revolutionize the hand sanitizer industry by providing a fun and convenient way to moisturize hands and keep them germ-free. The company also places high value on making a positive impact on the lives of others, dedicating 5% of its profits to send sanitizing hygiene solutions to communities in developing countries that lack safe water.

Finally, much to my own excitement, Touchland makes cases for its hand sanitizer ($6). They come with a metal keychain that can be clipped onto bags or backpacks. Now that summer is winding down and the new school year is beginning, not to mention that cold and flu season will start soon, Touchland Hand Sanitizer is the perfect way to keep hands moisturized and viruses at bay.

Buy Touchland Hand Sanitizer Spray, $12 to $15.95, at Amazon