His own boss? Marine Parade cleaner becomes overnight sensation after photo of poster goes viral

He became an overnight sensation in Singapore after a photograph of a poster in Marine Parade Town Council went viral on social media over the weekend.

Meet Moktar, a conservancy worker in the estate who was not only pictured and named as a cleaner, he was also listed as a cleaning supervisor.

Wait a minute? Does that make Moktar his own boss?

Many on social media seemed to think so after Facebook user Teo Hong who posted the photo on Saturday (July 8) wrote: “Ownself check Ownself”.

The colloquial phrase, which was made famous during the 2015 General Election, refers to a situation where one lacks an independent body to keep tabs on his responsibilities.

Facebook users mostly joked how Moktar had no one to supervise him, chiming in with over 780 comments and counting as of Wednesday morning. The post has also been shared more than 3,000 times.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (July 11) afternoon, Marine Parade Town Council came to Moktar’s rescue, calling it “a chance for us to introduce him better”.

It explained at length that Moktar has been an employee of the town council for the past five years and is the supervisor for Blocks 120 to 134 in Geylang East Central/Avenue 1.

It clarified: “Therefore, Moktar is not only a supervisor, but he is also the cleaner to that particular block. He reports to his site manager, who oversees the progress of his work, on a daily basis.”

So folks, Moktar doesn’t have a one-man job and does indeed have a boss who keeps him in check.

He is also apparently aware of how he had become an “overnight online sensation” and was described as being an “unsung hero” for his efforts to upkeep the estate.

Perhaps Marine Parade Town Council should look into better portraying who does what in the estate by featuring Moktar’s supervisor in such posters too, to prevent any confusion.