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TD Ameritrade’s 24/5 trading platform revolutionises the game for local investors trading in US securities.
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Mr Christopher Brankin is what most would consider a night owl.

After all, you don’t get to be the Singapore chief executive officer of one of the world’s leading brokerage firms without a little sleep deprivation.

Still, this comes a little easier to Mr Brankin than most others. “I’ve never had trouble staying up late or waking up early to trade the US markets, but not everyone is a night owl like me,” he says.

For Singapore-based investors who trade in the US markets (but who would rather have regular sleeping hours), the good news is that TD Ameritrade has recently introduced 24/5 trading on its thinkorswim trading platform, allowing users to trade select securities on US markets 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (excluding market holidays).

Why is this such a revolutionary concept? In the past, TD Ameritrade clients would have to wait until the US market opened (9.30am U.S. Eastern Time) to put their orders into the market. With 24/5 trading in effect, traders using the award-winning thinkorswim platform can trade select securities on their own schedule, placing buy or sell orders from Monday 9am to Saturday 9am.

“Now more than ever, news breaks all day, which affects markets all around the world,” Mr Brankin says.

Of course, experienced traders are no stranger to trading outside of market hours — after all, online trading platforms have been letting clients trade in the premarket session and after hours for years.

But TD Ameritrade goes a step further with 24/5 trading — their clients will be able to trade select securities in that precious eight-hour window between the close of the after-hours trading session and the opening of the premarket session.

“This means that customers will be able to see live bid and ask quotes, as well as choose what limit prices they wish to transact their trade at,” explains Mr Brankin.

Growing list of securities

The initiative is still new, but the variety of securities available is growing, cutting across a wide range of sectors including oil, natural gas, interest rates, gold, emerging markets, and both small cap and large cap US stocks.

TD Ameritrade plans to add other securities to the list over time.

Plus, its convenience is unmatched: since thinkorswim is available on both desktop and mobile devices, you’ll be able to trade at home, in the office, or on the go, once you’ve opened and funded an account.

But the real draw is the sign-up bonus: every TD Ameritrade Singapore account that is opened and funded with a qualifying deposit will receive up to 100 commission-free trades.*

And even for self-professed night owls like Mr Brankin, the ability to trade 24/5 is still revolutionary, albeit in a slightly different way.

“Since the launch of 24/5 trading, I’ve been better able to allocate my time, as I don’t have to stay up specifically to trade,” says Mr Brankin. “Now I can focus on making big gains in my sleep schedule,” he laughs.

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