Train and bus rides will cost 9 cents more from December – but Singapore’s fares still among cheapest in developed world

However, polytechnic and diploma can now pay student price.
The Straits Times
  • From December 28, bus and train fares will cost more for everybody, except polytechnic students.

  • More families will get a S$50 voucher to help them cope with the new price.

  • Even with the increased prices, Singapore has one of the world’s lowest transport fares compared to other developed countries.

Sorry, worker bees – bus and train fares are going up again.

From December 28, adult commuters taking trains and buses must pay 9 cents more if they are using a fare card, and 20 cents more if they are paying in cash or buying single-trip tickets.

Meanwhile, senior citizens, disabled people and low wage workers – who number about 2 million in Singapore – will see their fares go up 4 cents.

In addition, prices of an adult monthly travel pass will also increase by S$8, while monthly concession passes for students, NS men, senior citizens and the disabled will go up between S$1 and S$5.50.

#FRE2019: Here’s an overview of the new schemes, public transport vouchers and fare changes effective from 28 December 2019.

Posted by Public Transport Council on Tuesday, 8 October 2019

The increased prices were announced on Tuesday (Oct 8) following a fare review by the Public Transport Council (PTC).

It added that all polytechnic and diploma students – who previously paid adult fares – would now be eligible for student fares, and could save up to S$1.54 per trip.

#FRE2019: Did you know? About 1 in 2 Singaporeans enjoy concessionary fares on public transport.

Posted by Public Transport Council on Tuesday, 8 October 2019

More families eligible for public transport vouchers

To help lower-income families cope with increased fares, the PTC said it is issuing S$50 vouchers to 20 per cent of households here.

This is an increase from the S$30 voucher it handed out to 10 per cent of households previously.

It will also have SBS Transit and SMRT donate $3.89 million toward the transport vouchers, double their contribution last year.

The PTC said that despite the increased prices, Singapore still had the world’s second cheapest transport fares for adults among 11 developed countries, with the Government subsidising over S$1 on every bus and train ride.

#FRE2019: Singapore still has one of the lowest public transport fares compared to 11 other cities even after the fare adjustment this year.

Posted by Public Transport Council on Tuesday, 8 October 2019

It ranked third for senior citizen fares and first for student fares.

The PTC said increased energy prices last year, local salaries and other macroeconomic factors had made public transport more expensive, but these costs were not passed fully to commuters.

It added that Singapore plans to pump S$1 billion into renewing the MRT operating systems in the next five years.

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