19-year-old Trevor Lawrence has the Clemson Tigers set to dominate for the next 2 years

Trevor Lawrence will play at least two more seasons with the Clemson Tigers, and he already has two more championships on his mind.

Trevor Lawrence will play at least two more seasons with the Clemson Tigers, and he already has two more championships on his mind.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
  • The Clemson Tigers dismantled the Alabama Crimson Tide, 44-16, in the national championship.
  • Clemson’s big win came thanks, in large part, to a near-perfect game from true freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence.
  • Due to NFL eligibility rules, Lawrence will have to wait at least two more years before he can enter the NFL, setting up Clemson for a potential dynasty.

The Clemson Tigers trounced the Alabama Crimson Tide, 44-16, in the College Football Playoff championship, winning their second title in three years.

The player of the game was Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence – a 19-year-old true freshman that took over for the Tigers early in the season and has been almost perfect through the first year of his college career.

Lawrence finished the national championship game with 20 completions, 347 yards, and 3 touchdowns and made every play the Tigers needed him to make to lift the trophy.

After a few big throws got Clemson on the board early, Lawrence showed off his touch with some absolute beauties in the second half, finding wide receiver Tee Higgins coming across the end zone for his final score of the game.

“That kid cannot be 19 years old,” said ESPN commentator Rece Davis after one of Lawrence’s most impressive throws of the night.

Lawrence also earned high praise from former Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson – the last quarterback to lead Clemson to a championship win over Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.

“My man is a true freshman,” Watson said. “He’s got at least two more years to do work. He’s gonna be a legend. He already is. People know that now.”

Watson is right. While Lawrence looked about as NFL-ready as you can imagine a quarterback prospect, due to NFL eligibility rules, he’ll still be playing at Clemson for at least two more years, setting up the Tigers for a potential dynasty to rival the one they just crushed.

He won’t have to do it alone – many of Clemson’s starters from this season, especially at skill positions, will be returning next season with hopes of winning back-to-back titles with the Tigers.

It’s thrilling to imagine what Lawrence might be capable of in the next two seasons. At 19, he’s set to keep improving, and there’s little doubt head coach Dabo Swinney has every intention of getting this team back to the playoff to repeat their title run.