Trump-Kim Summit: Here are 7 moments when Trump said the most downright ridiculous and shocking things

US President Donald Trump has a tendency to shock the international audience with unscripted remarks and his time at the US-North Korea summit was no different.
Ministry of Communications and Information

US President Donald Trump might congratulate himself and heave a sigh of relief now that his first historic meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday (Jun 12) is done and dusted.

But observers who have watched the summit with utmost scrutiny will forever remember the moments when his baffling remarks left them utterly dumbfounded and questioning his soundness of mind.

Given that Trump has a penchant for unscripted babbling – especially at the worst times possible – it’s no surprise that his meetings with Kim and the international press have opened a Pandora’s box of such bizarre moments.

From awkward jokes about being fat to belittling North Korea’s human rights abuses, here are seven of the strangest and most shocking things Trump had said.

1. Just as his working lunch with Kim was about to begin, Trump cheekily asked photographers: “Getting a good picture everybody? So we look nice and handsome and thin?” His unexpected attempt at humour seemed to fly over the heads of most of the people in the room.

Kim, who probably didn’t understand what was going on, looked appropriately confused judging by his blank expression.

Youtube/ Channel NewsAsia

2. Trump showered praises upon Kim during their second photo-op at the Capella Hotel’s porch, saying he was a talented man who “loves his country very much”.

Kim is infamously regarded as a ruthless dictator accused of crimes against humanity and had in the past ordered the deaths of his uncle and half-brother.

Youtube/ Channel NewsAsia

3. Trump talked at length about the outlandish Hollywood-esque video which he showed Kim and his officials prior to the press conference. He said the video was “on a cassette” that was played on an iPad.

Whether he was referring to an iPad app that emulated a cassette player or found it difficult to keep up with current technology, we may never know.

Trump’s iPad might have some serious backwards compatibility.

4. Considering Trump’s background as a businessman and real estate developer, he could be afforded a little forgiveness for naturally adopting a business approach to his diplomatic endeavours.

But telling international media that North Korea’s “great beaches” – where artillery drills are frequently conducted – could be prime land for condominiums and “the best hotels in the world” is just pushing the envelope.

North Korea’s beaches may not rank high on the list of dream getaway destinations but holiday-goers planning a visit there will certainly have a blast.
KCNA/ Reuters

5. Trump said he might be wrong about Kim’s sincerity and willingness to give up his nuclear arsenal as stated in their agreement but that’s not the problem.

He went on to say he might not ever admit that he was wrong and would probably “find some kind of an excuse”.

Trump is not exactly the most reassuring of world leaders.
Ministry of Communications and Information

6. A reporter asked Trump if he continued to stand by his belief that “North Korea has more brutally oppressed its people than any other regime on Earth” after his meeting with Kim.

Trump responded by downplaying North Korea’s human rights offences and said: “It’s rough in a lot of places, by the way.”

Youtube/ Channel NewsAsia

7. Trump announced that he would suspend the “tremendously expensive war games with South Korea” and revealed that North Korea would be giving the US nothing in return for it.

Youtube/ Channel NewsAsia