Trump-Kim summit ends and here’s what people are saying about it on social media

The meeting between Trump and Kim has concluded, with those on the Internet having their say.
The Straits Times/Kelvin Lim

When United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made their way down the corridors of the Capella hotel in Sentosa to meet for the first time in a historic summit in Singapore on Tuesday (June 12), the watching world was not short of reactions on social media after.

When they shook hands, the jokes flooded in.

Given Trump’s famed abrasive behaviour, some had joked that the summit would have seen something more dramatic happen:

Others expressed a range of emotions:

The leaders also signed a historic agreement to commemorate the meeting. Social media users were both happy that the agreement was signed, while others were more sceptical and some adopted a humorous tone:

Trump then went off to prepare for his press conference while Kim returned to his hotel. As the world reeled from the momentous meeting between the two, there was perhaps one tweet that encapsulated the day’s events succinctly:

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