Twitter has announced more than 50 new video content partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region – here’s what it will mean for users

FILE PHOTO - People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo in Warsaw

Twitter has announced numerous partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region.

Twitter announced on Monday (Sept 11) that it has partnered over 50 new companies in the Asia-Pacific region, collaborating with companies ranging from NBC Universal to VICE Media.

For Singaporeans, users can expect to receive extensive F1 updates during this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix coverage thanks to Twitter’s collaboration with Fox Sports Asia.

Twitter’s focus in Malaysia is on sports, as evidenced by its partnership with television station Stadium Astro.

Twitter’s vice-president of Asia-Pacific Maya Hari said: “Asia is the largest growing audience for Twitter. We see that the potential for video is incredible strong, we are bringing new formats, we have video mixed with conversation, clickable videos. We are innovating on these formats.”

After introducing 35 video collaborators last year, Twitter has continued to expand “premium video content” with these 50-plus companies and broadcasters.

What does premium video content actually mean?

Maya said premium content is “essentially like what you see on TV”. 

Be it videos like behind-the-scenes moments or a red carpet event, users will be able to see engaging and interesting content.

Maya added: “We partner with content creators, we partner with publishers, broadcasters and big TV stations and we bring their content to Twitter and make it discoverable.”

For companies, being more “discoverable” means having access to advertisers for their brand, which will in turn bring in more user eyeballs to the platform.

For Twitter users, these new announcements mean they will have access to a lot more content on the app.

These partnerships have been split into three different categories, Sports, News and Entertainment, but they all have one thing in common.

Maya said Twitter sees “what people are talking about, and whether it is interesting” before deciding which companies they would like to partner.

Among these new partners, there are huge global companies such as Sony Music and Bloomberg, but there are also more country-specific brands such as Persib FC in Indonesia and Red Chillies Entertainment in India.

Maya said that this was done on purpose, to achieve a good balance for users looking for more of a mix of general and local content.

While Maya is aspiring to “bring big moments to users” such as the World Cup Final, Twitter is making huge strides in the live-streaming department.

It also announced that the entire People’s Choice Awards will be live-streamed on NBC Universal’s Twitter page.

Apple also live-streamed its latest event on for the first time on a platform that was not its own, and it chose Twitter: