Uber jumps on the carpooling bandwagon with the launch of Uber Commute

Uber will provide a carpooling service for commuters starting from March 15, 2018.
The Straits Times

Uber is launching Uber Commute on March 15, a carpooling option aimed specifically at those commuting to and from work.

Similar to GrabHitch and Ryde, drivers will pick up commuters going in the same direction. They will be given full control over the riders they pick up.

Unlike UberX, which requires drivers to pay 20 per cent of the fare earned to the company, Uber Commute drivers will be able to collect the entire fare paid, which is half the cost of an Uberx. This fare can be used to cover the cost of their commute, such as petrol and parking.

Booking page for riders to enter their locations and book their commute.

Riders can save their home and work addresses under the new feature, which will then allow them to book a ride anytime, between a week in advance or within the hour. Uber claims that fares will be up to 51 per cent cheaper than normal UberX rides.

To promote the service, a 30 per cent discount will be applied to rides booked under the new option until March 30.