Uber launches new pet-friendly option for pet-owners in Singapore


Travelling with pets has never been easy in Singapore.

For people who don’t own cars, taking their pets out for a picnic in the park could prove to be a big headache, especially when taxi drivers turn down your request to bring pets on board.

Now, Uber is hoping to meet the demand for pet-friendly transportation by introducing UberPet, a vehicle option which allows riders to bring their furry friends on board.

According to Uber, Singapore will be the first city in Asia to have this service when it launches on Friday, Oct 20.

To ensure drivers are comfortable with ferrying pets, Uber drivers in the UberPet programme would have had to opt in to be a part of it.

A $2 booking fee applicable to all UberPet rides will be waived from launch date till December 31, 2017.

Photo supplied by Uber

“We’ve heard feedback from riders that it can be a challenge to get a ride with their pet, as certain modes of transport do not allow animals to travel on board. In addition, we understand there are situations where drivers are not comfortable ferrying animals,” Uber said in a statement today (Oct 19).

“As the number of pets grow in each household, there is also a demand for pet-related services and we see this as an opportunity to offer services that is in need in the Singapore market,” the ride-hailing company added.