Uber is refunding customers caught up in London terror attack

People evacuating the scene of the attack.

LONDON – Uber is planning to refund any passengers that were caught up in the London Bridge terror attack on Saturday night.

Following the attack, which took place around 10pm, Uber’s prices automatically rose as demand surged in the area surrounding London Bridge and Borough Market. Social media users quickly realised and started criticising the taxi app company through their accounts.

Once the company realised what had happened, it cancelled surge pricing and fares returned to normal.

“We are ensuring all rides from around the affected area were free of charge,” said Tom Elvidge, the general manager of Uber in London, in a statement.

“As soon as we heard about the incident we immediately suspended dynamic pricing all around the area of the attacks – and shortly afterwards across the whole of central London,” he added.

Surge pricing was deactivated at 10:50pm around London Bridge and across the whole of Central London by 11:40pm, according to CNN.