UberPool reaches 1-year milestone in Singapore – here’s how much riders are using it

Lianhe Zaobao

It’s been a year since UberPool was first launched in Singapore.

There was much skepticism when the American tech company first launched the car-sharing option here. Many people were either unsure about sharing a ride with strangers, or were afraid of wasting time making multiple stops during their journey.

But weeks and weeks of promocodes later, Singapore’s Uber riders seem to have bought into the idea, and are sharing rides more than ever before.

At a media briefing on July 14, Warren Tseng, general manager of Uber Singapore and Malaysia said that more than 40% of its rider base here has tried using UberPool.

We take a look at the ways in which UberPool has grown in Singapore over the last year.

– Uber Singapore’s top UberPool rider has completed a total of 1,321 Pool trips since the service was launched in July 2016.

The most number of pool trips by a single driver? 2,487.

– UberPool is popular in the heartlands – there has been a 360% increase of uberPool rides taken to and from heartland areas since July 2016. The highest number of pool trips are taken to or from Serangoon, Tampines and Jurong.

– Singapore is ranked #9 among other international cities in terms of UberPOOL rides.

Uber Singapore

– By UberPool’s third month in Singapore, an estimated 44,000 litres of gas and 104,000 kg of carbon dioxide had already been saved, according to Uber.

Uber Singapore

– An Uber survey found that more than 50% of riders have met their old friends through UberPool. One couple even met and fell in love.