All-new Funan mall’s biggest attraction is a ‘Tree of Life’ – and there’s even an indoor cycling track and edible plant garden

An artist’s impression of the revamped Funan mall’s interior.

With the revamped Funan mall expected to launch to much fanfare by the second quarter of this year, mall owner CapitaLand Mall Trust has released a sneak preview of the highlights that shoppers can look forward to when its doors finally open.

And the crown jewel? A multi-storey “Tree of Life” that has taken root at the centre of the mall.

In a statement released on Tuesday (May 21), CapitaLand said that the 25-metre tall Tree of Life will serve as the design centrepiece of Funan, and is the first sight that shoppers will behold when they enter the mall.

Don’t be fooled by its name, however. The Tree of Life – which spans six storeys in height – is a hulking, predominantly steel structure that will house 20 retail pods for merchants to showcase products, as well as space for entrepreneurs and design ateliers to conduct workshops.

CapitaLand added that the Tree of Life will support co-retailing by providing avenues for emerging and established brands to promote their wares with pop-up concepts.

The Tree of Life will house 20 retail pods for merchants to showcase products and entrepreneurs to conduct workshops.

These see-through pods will offer unobstructed views of the mall’s interior as long cantilevers used in the Tree will provide clear space underneath the beam without supporting columns or bracing.

With a skylight right above the structure, the company said that it mimics the growth conditions of a tree in nature. Symbolically, it represents the growth and flourishng of retail talents from within Funan towards the rest of the city.

The Tree of Life also acts as a “source of life” to revitalise the mall through cultivation of creativity and curiosity, CapitaLand added.

And a “tree” is not all that Funan has to offer.

Cycling, indoor rock climbing, cinema, theatre

Some of the facilities and tenants Funan will house include:

  • Wild Rice live performance theatre
  • Golden Village cineplex
  • TFX fitness centre
  • Climb Central indoor rock climbing wall
  • The Ark futsal arena
  • ABC Cooking Studio
  • Noka, a Japanese restaurant that offers a farm-to-table dining concept

Funan will also be home to a 18,000 sq ft Food Garden on its seventh floor, where a 5,000 sq ft urban farm operated by local agricultural organisation Edible Garden City sits. Here, visitors can learn about how vegetables are produced and harvested.

Funan’s food garden and urban farm, the latter of which is operated by Edible Garden City.

The mall also features Singapore’s first kinetic wall, a multimedia art installation comprising embossed aluminium panels that collectively span a towering height of 13 metres and nine metres in width.

The wall will present various types of animated content in addition to the standard date and time display using 1,271 motorised light blades.

“Best viewed from a distance of 50 metres, the visual impact of the kinetic wall is further enhanced by the mirrored ceiling that expands the size of the art installation optically,” CapitaLand said in its statement.

The kinetic wall features 1,271 motorised light blades made from specially customised moulds.

While riding a bike in a mall would be a big no-no in most cases, the new Funan comes with a 200m-long indoor cycling path that will serve working professionals in and around the mall who cycle to office during the morning peak hours.

Funan’s 200 metre long cycling track lets shoppers zip around on their bicycles within the mall.

There will also be a Bicycle Hub where end-to-trip amenities such as 166 bicycle bays, shower cabins, lockers as well as a bicycle repair and pump station would be available.

For cyclists who need a quick bite before being on the move again, bicycle counters at the hub allow them to have their meals while seated on their bicycles.

The Bicycle Hub offers amenities such as showering cabins, lockers and a bicycle repair station.

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