US auto sales bounced back in April

Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi

US auto sales rebounded in April just as expected.

According to Autodata, sales rose at an annualized pace of 17.40 million, matching the consensus forecast on Bloomberg.

In March, the pace unexpectedly fell to 16.46 million.

As we outlined on Monday, these auto sales numbers were a crucial test for the US economy and for the consumer, who remain a key source of economic growth.

Following a record year for sales, there were concerns that auto sales may have peaked.

Here’s the scoreboard:

    Fiat Chrysler: +5.6% (4.3% estimated) Nissan: +12.8% (11% estimated) Ford: +3.6% (+3.8% estimated) GM: -3.5% (-1.7% estimated) Honda: +14.4% (10% estimated) Toyota: +3.8% (+3.6% estimated) VW: -9.65% Mercedes-Benz: +0.2% BMW: -8.3% Subaru of America: +6.6% Hyundai: -8.5%