Video clip showing toddler being fed tadpoles sparks outrage in China

A video clip showing a toddler being fed tadpoles had sparked outrage online.
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Tadpoles can be kind of cute and fun for children to watch, but seldom are they seen as a delicacy or medicine of any sort.

A recent video uploaded on Chinese social media sparked outrage across Weibo, after it became apparent that an adult had deliberately fed a young toddler live squiggly tadpoles straight out of a bowl.

While the female adult’s face cannot be seen, she can be heard telling the child that he was being fed “little fish”.

According to local news reports, the parents of the child believe that tadpoles, when consumed, can be beneficial for the child’s health.

When the video went viral, many Chinese netizens confessed on Weibo that they too had been fed tadpoles in their childhood.

At the same time, many also lambasted the woman in the video for using unscientific methods that could endanger her child’s health.

“It is this child’s misfortune being with such idiotic parents,” one Weibo user quipped.

Another wrote: “It is terrifying that there are such foolish people despite modern education.”

A Chinese paediatrician with a following of close to 1 million on the social media site, also chimed in on the matter, advising parents not to feed their children live tadpoles.

According to Dr Pei, the practice of eating tadpoles was recorded in a Ming Dynasty Chinese herbology book as being helpful in detoxification and healing sores.

“In fact, eating live tadpoles could cause sores in children who did not have them originally, because they could contract infections from the germs on the tadpoles,” he wrote.

He also posted a video and photo showing scope footage of tapeworms in the stomach of a child, which he said could be caused by eating live tadpoles.