VR could be the next big thing for Singapore travellers: Survey

  • More than six in ten (67%) travellers would like to try a virtual reality preview before they make a purchase
  • Almost one in two travellers will have a travel bucket list, and 83% of them aim to tick one or more destinations off their list
  • Walking will be the ultimate way to explore, with 51% of travellers saying they want to do walking or hiking trips in 2018
  • More than half will take currency rates and the economic climate of their intended destination into consideration when planning their travels for the year
  • One in three travellers will prefer to stay in a holiday rental over a hotel

It’s no secret that the travel habits of consumers are constantly changing.

After surveying some 19,000 respondents from 26 different countries, Booking.com has predicted that Singapore travellers will take immersive tech experiences to the next level in 2018.

In fact, 58% of Singaporeans surveyed say they don’t mind dealing with a computer, as long as their questions are answered. No wonder there’s talk of robots replacing us.

That’s not all – 67% of travellers say that they would like to try a virtual reality preview of their destination before making a purchase.

Singaporean travellers seem to also have one clear mission in 2018 – to check off one or more destinations on their bucket list.

According to the survey, this proves to be true for the vast majority (83%) of the 46% of Singaporean travellers with a travel bucket list.

And they might be working through their bucket list destinations on foot. Half (51%) of the respondents say they want to do walking or hiking trips in 2018.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that the trend for wellness getaways isn’t slowing down, with nearly one in five people planning to take a health and well-being trip in 2018 – as compared to only one in 10 people in 2017.

But of course, Singaporeans still prove to be economically savvy.

More than half will take currency exchange rates (62%) and the economic climate of a destination (57%) into consideration before making their travel decisions.

When they do get to their holiday destinations, Singaporean travellers are also keen to explore authentic experiences, including living with locals.

Instead of hotels, one in three Singaporean travellers say they’d prefer to stay in a holiday rental.

And while these travellers hope to get the inside scoop from their hosts, they still want the flexibility to interact with hosts on their own terms as 22% indicated that it is important the host is not too over-bearing.