Was it supernatural? MP Tan Chuan-Jin reveals an eerie house visit that will spook you out

Noises coming from an empty flat? That’s enough to leave even the bravest of thrill-seekers at least slightly spooked (whether they admit it or not).

For Marine Parade Member of Parliament Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, a routine evening house visit yesterday (Dec 12) turned into something a little more… shall we say supernatural?

In a Facebook post, Mr Tan, who is also Singapore’s Speaker of Parliament, said a resident had given feedback about the dragging of chairs in the unit above.

But it soon came to his understanding that the unit had actually been vacated after the resident living in it had died.

Check out his Facebook post for yourselves:

Facebook post by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin


Just 17 hours after the post was published, it had already garnered some 2,300 reactions, 182 comments and 390 shares.

Many believed the encounter had supernatural causes, with some claiming that they have been in similar eerie situations.

Facebook comment by Tsui Kyit

Facebook comment by Clarence Tey

Facebook comment by Yee Joo

Meanwhile, others tried to justify Mr Tan’s encounter with possible explanations that were more scientific.

They attributed the unexplained noises to causes like pressure build-ups within pipes in the unit, the expansion and contraction of reinforced metal bars and sound travelling from a different location.

After all, ghosts aren’t real right?

Facebook comment by KH Koh

Facebook comment by David Moses Heng

Facebook comment by Wanni Goh

There’s no doubt that a scientific explanation is easier to swallow than a supernatural one.

But until the battle between science and the supernatural concludes with a winner, we might just have to accept that Mr Tan’s encounter will remain as an unsolved mystery.