Patrice Evra kicked a fan, got sent to the stands, and took selfies before a Europa League game even started

Patrice Evra.

Patrice Evra.
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    Olympique Marseille defender Patrice Evra lashed out at his own fans before a Europa League game. The 36-year-old was sent off for appearing to kick one fan. He was then sent to the stands where he took selfies with other supporters. Marseille lost to Vitória by a 1-0 score.

Olympique Marseille defender Patrice Evra saw red on Thursday evening.

The former Manchester United player kicked out at his own fans, got sent off before the game at Vitória de Guimarães even started, and then took selfies in the stands during an insane series of events.

Tempers started flaring when Marseille fans protested Evra’s recent performances while the players warmed-up for their Europa League match in Portugal. The fans even reached the advertisement hoardings to make their point, according to The Guardian.

Video footage provided by BT Sport appears to show Evra kick out at supporters in scenes reminiscent of former United forward Eric Cantona’s kung-fu kick at a Crystal Palace fan in 1995.

You can watch the clip here.

“It’s sad scenesseeing Patrice Evra kicking his own fans…”

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BT Sport’s resident French football expert Julian Laurens said: “It’s sad scenes obviously seeing Patrice Evra kicking his own fans… He got sent off obviously, had to go to the stands. He shows his frustation.

“He’s had a tough season, he’s lost his place in the team and when he’s been playing he’s been really poor. That was the abuse that the fans were directing at him.”

Once in the stands, Evra posed for selfies with other Marseille supporters.

“Pat has experience and he must not react,” Marseille coach Rudi García said according to The Guardian. “Patrice is a more than experienced player and we cannot respond to insults so low and so incredible because they come from one of our supporters.”

Marseille lost the Europa League game by a 1-0 score.