WATCH: The touching moment a returnee at Rasa Sentosa played ‘Home’ on violin as prelude to the #SGUnited applause

People at the Rasa Sentosa listening to a violinist playing Home before the 8pm #SGUnited applause on Monday, March 30, 2020.
Facebook screengrab/Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa   


When there are troubles to go through, we’ll find a way to start anew

There is comfort in the knowledge that home’s about its people too

So we’ll build our dreams together, just like we’ve done before

Just like the river which brings us life, there’ll always be Singapore

Home, written by Dick Lee

In a time when the world is just coming to terms with unprecedented health scares and what feels like economic doom, a violinist’s solo rendition of Kit Chan’s Home has struck a chord with netizens all over Singapore.

The unnamed musician behind the touching moment is one of hundreds of Singaporean returnees housed at various hotels across the country during their 14-day stay home notice period.

Just before 8pm on Monday (Mar 30) night, the solemn and gentle sounds of the string instrument rang out on the otherwise silent shores of Siloso Beach at Rasa Sentosa hotel. As the song came to a close, scores of hotel guests – who were already listening from their balconies – broke out in a thunderous mix of applause and cheer.

But these claps were not meant for the violinist. Instead, they were part of a nationwide social-media led movement called #SGUnited, which called for Singaporeans all over the island to stand at their windows, balconies and rooftops, to cheer for people working hard at the frontline despite the uncertainties involved.

Rasa Sentosa, which is owned by Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts, later posted a video of the poignant moment on its Facebook page. It was also shared by Education Minister Ong Ye Kung, who called it “most heartwarming”.

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In other parts of Singapore, people took part in the moment of solidarity at exactly 8pm by cheering from the windows and balconies of their homes and workplaces.

Here are just some of the videos of the incredible moment shared online:

This is home truly, where I know I must be

Where my dreams wait for me, where the river always flows

This is home surely, as my senses tell me


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Here is a video taken by a neighbour at my neighbourhood during #SGUNITED clap last night. Did you experience the moment? How did you feel? .. I was actually showering A when we started hearing ppl clapping. A started to clap in the toilet so I quickly dry him, just wrapped him in towel and brought him to the living room window to clap. He seemed stunned by hearing the claps and ppl shouting that he didn’t clap along. Lol. I felt really proud of that moment, of us cheering each other on. .. We don’t need a lockdown Singapore. Just show the world that we can counter this virus by being civilised and do what we have to do. Stay at home. Don’t go out unnecessarily. We can do this! Take care and always wash your hands!

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This is where I won’t be alone

For this is where I know it’s home


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#30032020 #sgunited #cheering #clapping at #8pm #heartwarming

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For this is where I know I’m home


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CLAP FOR #SGUnited Semalam 30 maret 2020 jam 8 – 8.15 PM Saling menguatkan kita pasti bisa

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