When a water heater explodes, there’s no stopping it – these Mythbusters experiments show the damage it could cause

When we think of water heaters, we are reminded of pleasant experiences – perhaps of a relaxing warm bath after a long day at the office.

But these appliances also have an undeniable dark side.

Part of Mr Eduardo’s unit after the water heater exploded
Shin Min Daily News

And Mr Eduardo, a tenant of a condominium unit at Cote D’Azur in Marine Parade, can testify to that.

The 39-year-old Australian narrowly avoided getting seriously injured after the water heater in his unit exploded, ripped the bathroom door off its hinges, and blew out the bathroom window, The Straits Times reported.

An exploding water heater – can you even imagine what that looks like?

There have been other water heater accidents in the past, where people were electrocuted while using electric storage water heaters in the shower.

But this particular case reminded us of a famous experiment done on Discovery’s Mythbusters, where they increased the pressure in a 200-litre water heater till it exploded.

And of course, they caught the entire explosion – in all its glory – on camera.

The video certainly didn’t disappoint, with the water heater shooting through a two-storey house, breaking its roof.

It is important to note that the heater they used for the experiment is a water storage heater, and is very different from the one used in Mr Eduardo’s unit. But the imagery is still astonishing.

A close-up of the water heater used
Screengrab from Discovery footage

The water heater was on the first floor of the two-story mock house
Screengrab from Discovery footage

The flooring and roof of the mock house showed close to no resistance to the exploding water heater
Screengrab from Discovery footage

In another experiment, the water heater obliterated a small house.

And when we say obliterated, we mean there was no longer a house in sight.

A photo of the house before the water heater exploded
Screengrab from Discovery footage

The house was shattered to smithereens once the water heater expoded
Screengrab from Discovery footage

The remains of the house
Screengrab from Discovery footage

Before you start worrying about the water heater in your household, these exploding heaters are definitely not a normal occurrence.

Water heaters are generally very safe, especially when properly maintained.

But if you’re feeling a little anxious after seeing the damage that these seemingly innocuous heaters can cause, just reach out to your local water heater technician, and get them to take a quick look to ensure everything is A-OK.