Everything you need to know about when Cyber Monday deals start and end

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Black Friday is coming up, and close on its heels, Cyber Monday. These two retail holidays tell us that it’s time to get serious about gift shopping – but the process doesn’t have to cost a lot thanks to the abundance of deals offered by retailers.

When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday takes place this year on the Monday after Thanksgiving, on December 2.

In recent years, however, the term “Cyber Monday” is slowly being phased out in favor of the longer and more intensive “Cyber Week.” Previously, the main differentiation between Black Friday and Cyber Monday was that Black Friday focused on in-store sales and Cyber Monday on online sales.

However, as shopping habits increasingly favor the internet, Cyber Monday seems to be edging out Black Friday as the premier holiday shopping event of the season.

What time does Cyber Monday start and end?

Typically, it begins at 12 a.m. on Monday. However, it can also start earlier. For example, Amazon’s sale began at 8 p.m. the Sunday before Cyber Monday.

Once we learn the exact Cyber Monday 2019 start dates and times of the most popular retailers, like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, we will share them below.

So far, here’s what we know:

Burrow: Sales start on December 1 at 12 a.m. EST and run through Cyber Week, ending Dember 8.

Wayfair: Sales start on December 2 at 12 a.m. EST and should last through Cyber Week (ending December 6 or 7).

How long do Cyber Monday sales last?

Cyber Monday sales could start as early as on Black Friday as part of a larger Cyber Week promotion. Though Cyber Monday sales once only took place on Monday, we’ve been seeing them extend to longer and longer durations.

Cyber Monday sales could also last throughout the end of the week (ending December 6 or 7).

What else can I learn about Cyber Monday?

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