Who eats nasi lemak with chopsticks? One Australian restaurant seems to think we do

A Malaysian restaurant in Australia caused a stir this week by offering a promotion for its nasi lemak at just AU$2 ($1.56) a plate, but something else has made one’s blood boil.

The restaurant called PappaRich Australia had offered the dish for the rock-bottom price at two of its Sydney outlets, Liverpool Street and Broadway, if patrons mentioned the codeword “Lemak Lunch”.

Great idea, right? And it sure brought in the crowds.

But wait. Something else then started brewing online.

In a marketing push on its official Facebook page, PappaRich Australia posted two ads, one showing an image of two Caucasian women tucking into plates of nasi lemak, and another showing the top of view of two people eating nasi lemak.

Netizens were quick to point out that the images depicted patrons using chopsticks to enjoy their food, when regular cutlery like a fork and knife or even hands are what the rest of us typically use.

So the big question everyone asked was: Who does that?

A steady stream of negative comments from Facebook users also streamed with some calling it an “embarrassment” to the Malaysian dish.

The social media storm presumably prompted PappaRich Australia to delete the posts earlier on Thursday (Sept 28), but no worries, mate, Business Insider did the screengrabs of the posts before they disappeared. Here they are:


There were also some Facebook comments we found:

Business Insider has reached out to PappaRich Australia for comment, but in the meantime, it’s pretty clear that you just don’t mess with Malaysians (and Singaporeans) when it comes to food.