Who says you can’t put a price on world peace – $1000 gold medallion for US-North Korea summit launched

The Singapore Mint unveiled three commemorative gold, silver and base-metal medallions on Tuesday (June 5) to mark the upcoming summit.
The Singapore Mint

The US-North Korea summit is set to take place next week and to commemorate the historic event, the Singapore Mint issued three commemorative medallions on Tuesday (June 5).

They will be available in gold, silver and base-metal; and retail for S$1380 ($1000), S$118 and S$36 respectively.

All three feature the same design with the front depicting a handshake between the two leaders and the national flags of both countries.

A dove appears on the back together with the words “World Peace”, and the national flowers of the US (rose) and North Korea (magnolia).

Two of the three medallions are limited editions.

There will 1000 pieces of the gold available worldwide, with about 200 allocated to Singapore.

The silver will get a pressing of 10,000 and about 2,000 of them will be available in Singapore. It is also the only variant with the flags in colour.

Only the nickel-plated medallion will be minted based on the demand.

All three commemorative medallions are available for pre-order from Tuesday at Singapore Mint’s retail outlets and website.

The White House issued a similar commemorative coin in March and some social media users poked fun at the number of chins Kim Jong Un was depicted with.