Spotify is giving Singaporeans a chance to get Spotify Premium for free – and what you have to do to win is ridiculously easy

Spotify are giving Singaporeans a chance to win a month of Spotify Premium for free.

In a collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Spotify is offering users the chance to win months of free Spotify Premium. All you have to do is to tell them what music you listen to at your favourite locations.

Titled “Beats of Singapore”, the campaign will last all the way until December and aims to “connect the Spotify community around Southeast Asia with Singapore through music and shared passions”.

Eventually, the campaign wants Spotify users from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam to visit Singapore and check out the Republic to the groove of a cool soundtrack. They can not only listen to the local soundscape created but also find recommendations on what to do or see in the city, download itineraries and more.

And for Singaporean users, they stand a chance to win one-month Spotify Premium by contributing to the campaign.

So how does it work? It’s much easier than it seems.

The first thing you need to do is to log into your account on the website. From there you have to choose from eight distinct “tribes”, each one a different personality.

These tribes include being interested in the arts, being a foodie or even being a socialite.

The “tribes”.
Screenshot from Beats of Singapore

The second step is to choose a location in Singapore, and pick a song that you think would best suit that location or reminds you of the place. You also can add information like how many hours you usually spend there as well as a description.

Then input some details.
Screenshot from Beats of Singapore

After that you’re done! Confirm with Spotify your email, and if you do so happen to be lucky enough to win the prize, you’ll be notified. That’s not all you can do on the site though.

You can take a look at what others – whether they’re in your “tribe” or not – suggested and what their favourite location is.

The recommendations.
Screenshot from Beats of Singapore

Even better, Spotify has included a map function where all the places that users suggested are highlighted, and you can use this map to check them out and maybe discover something new.

The map.
Screenshot from Beats of Singapore

The one month of Spotify Premium isn’t the only prize you can win; if you top a leaderboard, you stand to win six months of Spotify Premium instead.

The leaderboard is based on how many points you’ve accumulated, and points are given to you for each contribution you make.

A leaderboard.
Screenshot from Beats of Singapore

And here’s what you can do to get more points to hopefully win that month, or in some cases, months, of ad-free music.

The criteria for points.
Screenshot from Beats of Singapore