Here are the 14 videos vlogger Nas Daily made on Singapore – including the one with PM Lee Hsien Loong

Vlogger Nas Daily with Prime Minister Lee.
Instagram/Nas Daily

Popular Facebook vlogger Nas Daily, whose real name is Nusseir Yassin, is presumably quite fond of Singapore.

The social media icon has been documenting his travels around the world, with his daily one-minute videos quickly becoming a signature of his.

In these videos, Nas covers a whole wide range of topics, from the wacky to the serious.

This was no different when he was in Singapore in August, with his first video about the Republic being about why he “hates it”.

Despite the title, Nas has come across as incredibly interested in the culture and people of Singapore.

He even got Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to make an appearance in his latest video about the country – the 14th video he has broadcasted to his eight million followers.


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1.5 years ago…I was in Singapore, at this exact location celebrating 100,000 followers alone. I had a feeling it was gonna be my last celebration because it was so hard to get to 100k that I didn’t think it’s possible to reach 200k. It honestly felt impossible. But I kept on making these videos: the good, the bad, the shallow and the average. Day after day after day. It was excruciating, but it was also the most meaningful thing I could imagine doing. And today, here we are at the exact same spot celebrating 8 million followers and meeting the Prime Minister of Singapore – one of the most powerful people in the world who also happens to watch Nas Daily. It’s amazing what obsessive, hard work and luck can get you. 128 days to go to finish this 1,000 day journey. And it’s only gonna get harder. Thank you for the picture and the ride: @projectnightfall

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The amount of videos he has made about Singapore is a testament to how much Nas enjoys the country, so take a look at all 14 videos he’s made during his time in the country.

The One with PM Lee

In the last video he’s posted about Singapore, Nas describes the country as “almost perfect” and showers it with compliments. High praise coming from someone that has seen most of the globe with his own eyes:

The One about reverse parking

In this video, Nas talks about how great the parking scene is in Singapore, and he even takes the time to take a shot at other countries and their parking practices:

The One where he clears the air 

As expected, Nas has said attracted criticism from some that these videos are sponsored and that he’s getting paid for his views on Singapore.

He addresses it here:

The One with NEWater

Nas reviews NEWater and showcases the work put in to make it drinkable so it doesn’t go to waste:

The One with the other countries

In this video, the main theme is about countries and providing solutions to its major problems. Singapore is highlighted for its approach to waste:

The One with the temporary boyfriends

Apparently, you can rent boyfriends in Singapore. Check it out:

The One with no wastage

Nas visits a community of people that doesn’t waste any food in Singapore (If you couldn’t tell, Nas really likes it when people don’t waste things):

The One with the rubbish heap

He also makes a trip to one of the surrounding landfill islands, even saying that it’s kind of like a “resort”:

The One with the passport

With Singapore’s passport gaining a lot of attention nowadays for being one of the most powerful in the world, Nas waxes lyrical on its strength:

The One with the toilets

Nas talks to World Toilet Organisation founder Jack Sim about the use of toilets in the world:

The One where he really likes Changi Airport

Being someone who probably spends a lot of time in airports, it is quite neat that Nas has praised Changi as the best airport in the world:

The One with the stereotypes

Nas discusses the prejudice and racial stereotypes that Asians all around the world, and in Singapore particularly, face:

The One with the Freegan

The influencer sheds more light on freeganism, and on one Singaporean freegan:

The first One

The first video on Singapore, in which Nas reveals why he hates the country:

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