Work-life balance has become the top reason why Singapore employees leave their jobs

A recent survey has revealed what factors Singaporeans would consider before leaving their current job for a new one
The Straits Times

Would you leave your job solely for a higher pay?

It seems money isn’t everything for the Singaporean working professional, with the desire for a work-life balance becoming a stronger motivation to seek new employment opportunities.

According to a recent survey by global specialist recruitment firm Robert Half, 1 in 4 (25%) would leave their current organisation for a better work-life balance, followed closely by 24% who would leave for better financial rewards and 23% citing career development.

The survey involved 500 Singaporean job-seekers and the results were published in the newly-released 2018 Robert Half Salary Guide, a resource on starting salaries and recruitment trends in finance and accounting, financial services and information technology.

The good news is, only 5% of those surveyed cited their colleagues as a reason they would leave their current job.

Managing director of Robert Half Singapore, Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard says “Salary remains a significant part of a remuneration package in Singapore and companies realise that they have to offer above-average salary packages to secure high-calibre professionals.”

“However, there’s been a steady shift of preferences from job-seekers who are looking for more work-life balance, and even prioritise non-financial incentives other than just a higher salary.”

He advised companies to consider other non-financial incentives for their staff, such as workplace flexibility and the option to work from home, especially if they are not in a position to award pay increases or above-average salary rates.