We visited the world’s first in-mall suspended playground in Singapore – here’s why it’s definitely a must-try

Whether you want an action-packed good time or just want to lay back, there is always something for the whole family at Airzone.
Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

City Square Mall is about to be known for being more than just Singapore’s “First Eco Mall” with its brand new eye-catching attraction.

The world’s first in-mall suspended playground Airzone, which is operated by Singapore’s Ultimate Entertainments Group, will officially open on Friday (Feb 9) after an initial soft launch phase which began at the end of January.

Elevated at a towering height of 36m above floor level, Airzone boasts three zones of amusement: the Airzone ball pit, Free Play and Activity Zone as well as the Airzone Maze.

For those who are already thinking of checking this attraction out, the attraction may seem rather daunting and you might be unsure of where to even start.

Business Insider has taken a first look at Airzone and this is what we think could be the best way for families to have the most fun with your time there.

The entrance to Airzone is hard to miss with its dazzling sign greeting you as you make your way to the waiting and bag storage area. 

You can store your bags inside the pigeon holes provided or in the password-protected lockers nearby.

Before heading up, watches and loose items must be removed and stored. You wouldn’t want to drop your keys through the nets or worse, lose it in the depths of the ball pit. Stringed pouches are provided for mobile phones so don’t worry, you can still take Instagram photos.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

Digital monitor displays will inform you of Airzone’s prices as well as share lots of interesting trivia about the attraction. Did you know that the incredibly strong nets can support the weight of two fully loaded buses?

Enjoy the view at the bottom of the ball pit while you can as it’s going to get intense up there.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

Your journey begins with a mountainous ascent to the top of the entry slope.

Well, it’s not really as arduous as it sounds. Just be sure to have a good grip of the nets as you climb or you would soon find yourself on the most uncomfortable slide of your life.

Here I am, a less-than-athletic journalist, gracefully making my way up to the ball pit zone.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

Be prepared to literally immerse yourself in the ball pit. With balls for you to throw, crawl or ‘swim’ in, you are guaranteed to have a ball of a time.

40,000 to be exact.

Kids and adults will enjoy their time together as they find their way in and around the pit.

In light of the recent ‘drowning’ scare, Airzone assures that the ball pit is “impossible” to drown in and we find that to be true.

However, parents should accompany their children at the attraction as a precaution. First-aid trained crew members are also on standby to assist when required.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

After that refreshing dive, you would probably want to hurry on to the Free Play and Activity Zone.

Once you step onto that level, looking down will give you an unobstructed view of the mall’s atrium at a dizzying height.

If you are acrophobic and still breathing, congratulations. I congratulate myself as well.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

Here, gigantic Zorb balls are provided for you and company to mess around with. According to Airzone, the most popular game that kids play here is “Poison Ball”, a nostalgic pastime many Singaporeans remember from their childhood.

Just be wary of being overwhelmed by the humongous size of the Zorb balls as demonstrated by this unfortunate person.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

If you aren’t exhausted yet, save up what energy still remains for the grand finale.

After going up a third slope, you will be welcomed by the Airzone Maze. Navigate your way around what is perhaps one of the most unique mazes ever while being suspended in air.

This is me scrambling to find a way out.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

Do not be surprised if you find yourself tired out after escaping the maze. Airzone staff have shared that visitors, young and old, would usually be worn out after 30 minutes of play.

It’s time for us to return downstairs.

Sorry, there are no stairs. But do not fear, Airzone has something better – gigantic slides.

Connecting the zones are three slides, including one that starts from the peak of the playground, providing you the fastest and most exhilarating way to move to the lower levels.

Sports shorts or dri-fit material clothing is recommended for the smoothest ride. I learned it the hard way while struggling to make a smooth descent.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

Your outing concludes with a final slide down to the waiting area. Don’t forget to thank the friendly staff for a good time.

Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

Our verdict: Most people, regardless of age, will probably enjoy themselves at Airzone’s play areas. But do keep to safety guidelines to make sure you get the full experience unhindered.

Unconvinced? Experience it for yourself.

A standard ticket costs S$20 for a minimum 30 minute session and S$65 for a four-session pass.

The first session begins at 11am and last admission is at 9pm.