Yole who? New froyo chain nobody’s heard of hits Singapore – here’s what we know so far

A converted Yole outlet in Toa Payoh.
Lianhe Zaobao

If you’ve been surfing social media these past couple of days, you would have read the devastating news that popular frozen yoghurt chain Llaollao has been discontinued in Singapore.

We know, the reactions have been a tad bit dramatic. But if you consider the splash Llaollao made when it first arrived in 2014, you’d understand how shocking this sudden goodbye has been for its fans.

D+1 Holding, the company which operated Llaollao, revealed on Wednesday (Dec 6) night that it would be replacing all 29 Llaollao stores with a new brand called Yole.

By Thursday, the company revealed that 10 Llaollao outlets had already been converted to Yole stores.

While it did not give away much information about the new brand, the company did say that Yole features a much wider menu which includes new froyo flavours and coconut soft-serve ice-cream.

Business Insider reached out to D+1 to find out more about what Yole is, where it’s from and why it has replaced Llaollao.

Here’s what we know so far:

1) Llaollao’s menu was “exhausted” compared to Yole’s

When asked why it made the sudden decision to replace one of Singapore’s biggest froyo names, D+1’s spokesperson said that the company felt the Llaollao menu was “exhausted after 3 years”.

“Yole will bring a much wider menu with a larger variety of products, emphasising on innovation and quality,” the spokesperson added.

2) Yole’s products are sourced from Spain and Italy

According to D+1, Yole’s products are from Spain and Italy, and its owner, an F&B group, has mysteriously chosen to remain anonymous.

3) Yole also has a presence in Taiwan

A quick search on Google reveals that Yole has four outlets in Taiwan, but there is little information about Yole outlets in other parts of the world.

While D+1 says Singapore’s concept holds some similarities to Taiwan. The company is also “uncertain at this point regarding the presence of Yolé in other countries”, but added that “it is our intention to explore this concept worldwide in the near future”.

4) Out with Sanum, in with Ibiza

Llaollao’s Sanum was a popular favourite here.
Llaollao Singapore

While Llaollao was known for its signature Sanum froyo, Yole’s signature item is the Ibiza, which comprises layers of fruit, crunch and sauce.

The Ibiza comes in two sizes – mini and large – priced at S$5.50 and S$6.95 respectively.

Yole’s signature item is the Ibiza
Yole Facebook page

5) New flavours will be a regular occurrence

Instead of sticking to its signature items, D+1 says Yole will bring ” exciting flavour innovations and well-known toppings from Spain and Italy”.

The chain will also feature new flavours on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with special products slated to arrive “in the near future”.

6) Yole’s products range from S$2.50 to S$19

In addition to the Ibiza, a Baby Yole tub without toppings costs S$2.50 while a large tub with three toppings is priced at S$6.95. Takeaway packs cost S$12 and S$19 depending on size.

Yole also serves fruit smoothies priced between S$5.90 and S$6.90.

7) It has some funky toppings

Lianhe Zaobao

Not sure how you’d react to having durian in your yoghurt, but according to food blog Daniel Food Diary, the king of fruits has indeed been included in Yole’s topping lineup. And  food site Eatbook has also reported that Yole does offer a cookie sauce.

But the website also said that other Llaollao sauces such as Chocorock, Raffallao, and Rum with Raisin are no longer available.