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Amazon Prime Video is finally available for Apple TV

Amazon and Apple have a history of sparring over video strategy, but Amazon Prime Video has arrived on Apple TV 185 days after Tim Cook announced it.

Amazon launches Prime membership for Singapore

Two days after Amazon's U...

Amazon could supercharge its biggest weapon by getting into healthcare

In a 70-page report, analysts at Morgan Stanley broke down all of the potential ways Amazon could get into the industry, at varying degrees of involvement.

The NFL has a simple, but important problem with ‘Thursday Night Football’ — people don’t know what channel it is on

The problems with Thursday Night Football go beyond the poor games that many have come to associate it with

Amazon recently made a 10-part series about Hugh Hefner’s life — here’s how to watch it

"American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story" tells the story of how Hugh Hefner created the Playboy empire.

Netflix is plunging as competition in streaming video heats up

Netflix's stock is dropping as more competitors enter the streaming video space, increasing fragmentation and competition.

Amazon is bringing its biggest weapon to Whole Foods to make sure it succeeds

Amazon stock price could get a boost if it wields Prime wisely.

UBS: Almost everything Amazon does is about improving its best product

Amazon has one secret weapon, and everything the company does is an attempt to make that weapon better

Amazon Prime will soon be more popular than cable TV, as Amazon spends $4.5 billion on TV shows and movies

As soon as next year, the number of U.S. households subscribing to Amazon Prime could outnumber household subscriptions to cable or satellite TV.

Canada’s far North is terrified of losing Amazon Prime — and residents say it would be like ‘pandemonium’

In Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavit territory, Amazon Prime keeps food on the table.