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A rendering of the Trudo Vertical Forest, to be built in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The Netherlands is getting a ‘vertical forest’ skyscraper covered in over 5,000 plants — and apartments cost less than $900 a month

The Trudo Vertical Forest will become the world's first greenery-covered skyscraper to prioritize affordable housing.
Robert Hull designed the Gohar Khatoon Girls' School in Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan.

3 of the most beautiful schools in the world

The American Institute of Architects just announced the winners of its annual 2018 Honor Awards, considered the highest achievement in architecture.
The Gangneung Olympic Park for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea.

South Korea spent over $1 billion on these mega-venues for the 2018 Winter Olympics — take a look

South Korea has shelled out hundreds of millions for these minimalist stadiums and parks for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
A MADI house.

This $33,500 home can resist earthquakes and pop up in under seven hours

Since the the MADI home, designed by Italian architect Renato Vidal, can quickly unfold, it could come in handy in the event of a disaster.
A rendering of a floating island home off the coast of Dubai.

Dubai is building these stunning $23 million floating villas that can withstand sea level rise

Waterstudio, a Dutch architecture firm known for is floating structures, designed 33 private villas on artificial islands off the coast of Dubai.

Inside an 18th century Scottish farmhouse that was transformed into a modern day home powered by the sun

Take a look inside an 18th century farmhouse that architects renovated into a modern, solar-powered home in Dumfries, Scotland.
A rendering of the proposed floating park, called Diller Island, in Manhattan, New York.

Billionaire Barry Diller has plans to build a $250 million floating park in New York City, and the designs look incredible

After New York governor Andrew Cuomo stepped in, the plan to build a floating park on the Hudson is back on.
A PassivDom house.

A robot can print this $64,000 house in as few as 8 hours — take a look inside

A new robotics and housing startup, called Passivdom, builds houses using 3D printers. The frame of its smallest model can be 3D printed in about eight hours.
A rendering of Hope on Alvarado in Los Angeles, California.

Homeless people in Los Angeles will live in this stunning apartment complex made from shipping containers — take a look inside

Los Angeles will house some of its homeless population in this stunning micro-apartment complex.
A rendering of Perch Harlem, Manhattan's first passive rental building.

One of Manhattan’s latest luxury apartment buildings has an amenity that cost-conscious residents will love

Harlem in Manhattan is getting its first passive rental building, meaning it's extremely energy-efficient. Residents save on energy costs, but rent's not cheap.