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Trump announced a tariff on imported steel and aluminum.

Ford says Trump’s new tariffs could hurt US companies’ ability to compete

While Trump's tariffs may hurt automakers' business; it's possible that they'll take them in stride. But higher prices could be on the way.

Ford just named its new North America boss after the former executive resigned over ‘inappropriate’ behavior

Ford has promoted its chief marketing officer and Lincoln chief, Kumar Galhotra, to run its all-important North America business.

Costco is selling more cars than ever before by offering one key perk

Costco's car business is thriving, thanks in part to a perk that sets it apart from the competition.

These 14 companies dominate the world’s auto industry

Chances are, you drive a car made by one of these companies.
I'm not sure I want to tell you that

Tesla keeps its Model 3 production a mystery —and it’s fueling speculation about how many cars it’s really making

Tesla doesn't do anything like a traditional carmaker. A particularly annoying deviation from business-as-usual is the company's production and sales data.

Demand for Lincoln’s new Navigator SUV is so high that Ford is spending $25 million to upgrade the factory that builds it

The total investment in the facility's revamping, which began last year, is now $925 million and includes 400 new robots.

Elon Musk just made it clear that a legendary Ford plant is inspiring his ideas about how to reimagine factories

Anyone who knows the history of the auto industry will recognize in some of Musk's statements a possible reference to Ford's River Rouge plant.

These are all the Japanese cars made in the USA

Just how many Japanese cars are actually made in the US? It's a lot. We added it up.

The future of self-driving cars hinges on one simple thing

Fully autonomous vehicles are likely to arrive first in fleets. And fleet rollouts will favor competitors who can build self-driving tech into their cars.