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91 octane isn't absolutely necessary.

A new AAA study reveals why you shouldn’t buy premium gas

AAA pointed out that premium fuel can cost $0.50 more than regular nationwide. The price difference has been on the rise since 2009.

Here are all the Japanese cars made in the USA

Just how many Japanese cars are actually made in the US? It's a lot. We added it up.
MKX no more.

Lincoln just revealed its newest SUV — and it continues a revival of the luxury brand

The midsize SUV takes the place of the MKX in the lineup of Ford's luxury brand, which has been undergoing a revival and rebranding.

A legendary auto exec says Tesla is doomed — and he could be right

The problem with car companies that don't make money is that the lack of profits always catches up with them.

Trump is right about American cars in Japan — but the situation is never going to change

Japan's home market is simply too small for a fair-trade relationship with the US to raise sales of American cars from their currently tiny numbers.
Honda Motor Co's Acura NSX luxury sports cars are seen in assemble line at the company's Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, U.S., November 11, 2016. Picture taken November 11, 2016.

Trump tells Japan to build more cars in the US ‘instead of shipping them over,’ but they already build millions of vehicles in the states

Major Japanese automakers like Honda and Nissan already build their best-selling cars in North America. The largest Toyota factory in the world is in Kentucky.
A Ford Super Duty Pickup.

Ford is recalling 1.3 million vehicles to fix a problem with doors and waterproofing

Ford said on Wednesday it would recall about 1.3 million vehicles in North America to add a water shield to side door latches.

Former Ford CEO Mark Fields will join private-equity group TPG Capital

Fields will focus on expanding the $73-billion firm's industrials practice.

Auto-dealers’ stocks got a bump after the hurricanes — but that appears to be ending

The hurricanes wrecked so many cars that they gave a boost to auto sales, as well as automakers' and auto-dealers' stocks.

Silicon Valley is struggling to understand Tesla’s Model 3 production problems — here’s why

Silicon Valley is taking a long time to figure out that Tesla is a car company, not a tech company.