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Bernie Sanders just released a powerful ad for his healthcare plan featuring Obama, John F. Kennedy, and Franklin Roosevelt

Bernie Sanders is gearing up for his "Medicare-for-all" healthcare push with a new ad.

The Trump administration wants to reduce the US refugee cap to the lowest level in decades — and it might go even lower

Trump is reportedly deciding whether to reduce the amount of refugees resettled in the US to a figure below 50,000 — the lowest level since 1980.

All 5 living former presidents are teaming up to raise money for hurricane victims

A commercial with Presidents Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and Carter encourages viewers to visit OneAmericaAppeal.org.

Democrats keep using the same word to describe Trump’s DACA decision

It popped up in criticism from Congress members, advisers, and former president Barack Obama.

Obama slams Trump’s ‘cruel’ and ‘self-defeating’ decision to rescind DACA

Obama forcefully condemned Trump's decision end DACA.

Trump reportedly shows Obama’s Inauguration Day letter to Oval Office visitors

Trump has shown the letter to Oval Office visitors, as well as to people visiting his private White House residence.

Trump just took a big step in undermining Obamacare

Trump's Department of Health and Human Services will slash the budget for Obamacare's 2018 open enrollment outreach and support by $116.5 million

Ivanka Trump says the equal-pay initiative her father blocked wouldn’t have worked — but they don’t have a better solution

Much is assumed about the pay gap, but reliable data is hard to come by. Now it will be even harder.

Obama spokesperson denies rumors the former president is buying a $27 million estate from Caroline Kennedy

Barack and Michelle Obama are reportedly looking for a vacation home in Martha's Vineyard. Caroline Kennedy's property is under consideration.