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Trump’s newest trade idea could make your beer more expensive

President Donald Tump is considering a new tariff on imports of aluminum

A study of people over 90 linked drinking with a long life — but there’s a sizable catch when it comes to your brain health

Evidence suggests that drinking — even moderately — is not an overwhelmingly healthy habit.

Millennials are dragging down beer sales — but Gen Z marks a ‘turning point’ that will cause an even bigger problem for the industry...

Generation Z is the first generation to prefer other types of alcohol to beer, according to a new report.
The athletes' village received a 3,500 litre delivery of non-alcoholic beer.

3,500 litres of non-alcoholic beer has been delivered to the Olympic village — and it could be the secret to Germany’s medal success

German athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea have been drinking non-alcoholic beer which they consider to be performance-enhancing.

Beer’s civil war heats up with MillerCoors slamming a craft brewer’s Keystone Light lawsuit as a ‘clever publicity stunt’

A craft brewer is slamming MillerCoors in a new lawsuit — and the beer giant is firing shots right back.
Buffalo Wild Wings' sales are soaring.

Arby’s might start serving beer after a $2.9 billion deal to build a restaurant empire

Beer could be coming to Arby's now that the fast-food chain has joined forces with Buffalo Wild Wings.

We compared the calories in popular foods and alcoholic drinks — and it reveals a truth about weight gain

A margarita has roughly the same calorie and carbohydrate content as a plain bagel while a pint of cider is roughly equal to a slice of cheese pizza.

We tried the alcohol diet Tom Brady put Rob Gronkowski on, and it was a lot harder than we imagined

We tried the Tom Brady alcohol diet challenge and it was surprisingly difficult.

End of an era: Millennials brought about the downfall of one of America’s most iconic beer brands

Miller Lite snatched Budweiser's spot in the top three beer brands by US sales in 2017.

You can now get a Lyft beer — and a discounted ride to go with it

The new beer is called Five Star Lager, and for now it's only available in Chicago.